• "Is The Platform Burning?" RAC Education Is Key

    Last month in my initial article for the RAC Monitor, I presented a thesis that the elements of a Model Compliance Program, as detailed to us on numerous occasions by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General’s office, does present healthcare providers with an appropriate structure from which to

  • $19.2 Million in Denied Claims Since Q1 2010

    cengle120xThe AHA has released a report outlining the second-quarter results of its RACTrac project. Titled Exploring the Impact of the RAC Program on Hospitals Nationwide Overview of AHA RACTrac Survey Results, 2nd Quarter 2010, the complete report is available on the AHA website at 

  • $20 Billion for Healthcare IT: How to Impact Quality



    By: Joan R. Duke, FHIMSS


    ED NOTE: As the U.S. Senate takes up the $819 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill this week, also at stake is the fate of the $20 billion proposed by the Administration to advance healthcare IT (HIT) that made it through the House version of

  • 2013 OIG Work Plan: With the Certainty of Fall Colors, Death and Taxes

    It’s early October in the United States, and we have something that arrives with the reliability of death and taxes: the OIG’s annual Work Plan.

    This year’s plan brings 148 pages of new and old areas of focus, making it slightly smaller than last year’s plan. Let’s jump right in and discover what areas we can expect to be scrutinized during the next fiscal year.


  • 3 DME, 1 Outpatient Hospital Issue Posted by RACs