Updated on: June 22, 2012

Developing Story: Part D RAC Program to Start Third Quarter

Original story posted on: June 1, 2011

cbuck100In anticipation of rolling out its Part D RAC program, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced it has contracted with ACLR Strategic Business Solutions to perform Part D recovery auditing.


John Spiegel, director of the Medicare Program Integrity Group, made the announcement. Spiegel, in his memo dated May 31 and sent to Medicare Advantage Organizations and prescription drug sponsors, stated that CMS is working to implement the Part D RAC program component "during the third quarter."


Spiegel also said CMS was working on "business planning, technology requirements, staffing and communications initiatives to achieve the program goals." He noted that Tuesday's memo would be the first in a series of communications about Part C and D RAC programs and that CMS anticipates providing additional Medicare Parts C and D RAC information via a dedicated website in the near future.


On its web site ACLR, located in Plymouth, Michigan, states that it has statistical personnel who are "experienced in the review of statistical sampling methodologies arising out of PSC/ZPIC audits and ascertaining their adherence to generally accepted statistical sampling principles and the Medicare Program Integrity Manual."


The company also claims that its personnel "have obtained tens of millions in audit recoveries for government contractors and are adept at improper payment identification and recovery in accordance with the Improper Payments Information Act and Recovery Auditing Act."


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