November 29, 2010

House Votes to Give Physicians 30-Day Reprieve on Pay Cut


The U.S. House of Representatives, returning to a lame duck session, this afternoon passed by voice vote legislation that would postpone the 23 percent physician pay cut for 30 days.


On July 14, 2010, the House passed HR 5712 to clarify changes to Medicare and Medicaid programs for seniors, veterans and children. Then, last week, the Senate amended and passed the bill by unanimous consent, legislation that would avert a scheduled 23 percent physician pay cut. The legislation now will go to President Obama for his signature.


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had issued a final rule calling for a 24.9 percent cut in physician payment by January 1, 2011 and an additional 1.9 percent on January 1, 2011.
Chuck Buck

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