Updated on: April 8, 2020

Monitor Mondays Q&A - March 31

Original story posted on: April 7, 2020

The following questions and answers were from the Monitor Mondays broadcast on March 30, 2020 and the answers reflected the current status of guidance at the time of the broadcast. Please be aware that this information could change without notice. To stay current on the latest regulatory news and information, register to listen to Monitor Mondays. To listen to the Monitor Mondays podcast from March 30th, 2020.

Have the regulations around telephone consultations been lifted to include both established and new patients?

The regulation has not changed but they will be using what they call “enforcement discretion” and allowing it.

Have any of the speakers heard of payers other than Cigna and Humana that are forgiving the co-pays and deductibles?

UHC indicated last week they are complying with CMS' guidelines on waiver of copayment and deductibles as is BCBS

If a patient is infected with Covid19 and survives, can this patient contract Covid19 again?

This is unknown for sure. There are ongoing studies.

Is there any info on RAC extending their deadline for submitting medical record documentation for audits?

CMS has been asked to stop all audits; we don’t know if the RACs have been told to stop. Are you getting record requests? Would love to know if you are

Are payers, Recovery Auditors, etc. pausing record requests?

CMS has been asked to stop all audits; we don’t know if the RACs have been told to stop. Are you getting record requests? Would love to know if you are

Did CARES expand e-visits to include new patients in addition to established patients?

CMS has already said they will allow it. Go ahead and bill with the E&M codes

We asked CMS to defer IMM and MOONS and basically received a no. We are concerned for our staff that must deliver the notices and wants to protect them from potential exposure. During this crisis, some will be missed. Could CMS retrospectively provide deferral of the requirement? Thank you

You can deliver by phone and have an RN deliver the paper

In light of CMS' guidelines last week re: alternate delivery of MOON to patients in isolation, is it still your opinion that we can alter delivery to all patients?


Where specifically are you finding the guidance that CMS has stopped MAC TPE reviews?

Multiple facilities have received notices and the DDE shows payments

Because the inpatient bed needs are exceeding the licensed beds, do we anticipate any risk if we status a patient as an inpatient but they are in an ED bed?

Glaser: I have not seen an explicit waiver on this, but I have a hard time envisioning someone criticizing this. 

Hirsch: No, CMS is location-agnostic and the health dept should be understanding

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