Updated on: June 22, 2012

Rank Your RAC: Take Our RAC Customer Service Survey

Original story posted on: February 14, 2011

cbuck120dsFrom encounters with disgruntled civil servants at the DMV to painstaking visits to the county tax assessor's office, running into malcontents regrettably has come to be expected these days.


And, though we aren't alone, we at RACmonitor occasionally hear complaints from providers about the rude treatment and lack of responsiveness they've experienced in dealing with their respective Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs).



Is this type of behavior widespread, or is it isolated to one or two RACs? Are the RACs responsive to your requests? Are they able to direct you to someone else within their organization who can help when they can't?


We encourage you to take a few minutes (no more than five) to complete the confidential survey, "Rank Your RAC." We will use your responses in aggregate form only and will not attribute any responses directly to you, ensuring total anonymity.


And we will get back to you.



Chuck Buck

Chuck Buck is the publisher of RACmonitor and is the program host and executive producer of Monitor Monday.

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